Linux Mint and MX Linux

I’ve been using Linux Mint for several years and still consider it to be one of the best (if not the best) distros available.

Occasionally I would try another distro that looked interesting. I always went back to Linux Mint. I was familiar with it and it is very easy to navigate.

While looking for a good USB Linux OS with persistence I finally found MX Linux, a mid-weight Debian based Linux OS with a excellent “Live USB Maker” that allows persistence.

Now I could carry my USB with MX Linux on it, work from any PC, save my work, and leave no trace on the computer I was using. Perfect!

In the process I got really interested in MX Linux. I loaded it to a 10+ year old desktop and started testing. This PC has a 500GB SSD and only 2GB of RAM. MX Linux ran good on it however I upgraded the RAM to 4GB and noticed the increase of performance.

MX Linux was easy to operate and navigate. It’s fast even on this old PC. MX Linux has several custom tools that make things easy, like customizing and tweaking, making that USB and many other things.

At this time I have been using MX Linux for my daily operations for almost six months and probably won’t go back to Linux Mint any time soon. I enjoy the better performance of MX Linux.

If you want to revive your old computers give MX Linux a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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