Have you been hacked? Are your files locked?

Don’t pay the ransom, report the crime to the proper authorities.

 “If the ransom is paid, it proves to the cyber criminals that ransomware is effective. As a result, cyber criminals will continue their activity and look for new ways to exploit systems that result in more infections and more money on their accounts,” says the No More Ransom advice.

Check out Unhacked: 121 tools against ransomware on a single website

The No More Ransom portal now offers 121 free ransomware decryption tools which can decrypt 151 ransomware families.

Available in 37 languages, ransomware victims around the world have used the portal to help against ransomware attacks. The website’s ‘Crypto Sheriff‘ allows users to upload encrypted files to help identify which form of ransomware they’ve fallen victim to, then directs them to a free decryption tool if one is available.

Be smart, don’t pay criminals.