File Transfers

Ever have a file that is too big to send by email? Most email providers no longer allow ‘zipped’ files. So what can you do? Here are some ways to send that file.

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Simple, private file sharing

Wormhole lets you share files with end-to-end encryption and a link that automatically expires. So you can keep what you share private and make sure your stuff doesn’t stay online forever.

Send up to 10GB

Transfer up to 2 GB per file, unlimited transfers

WeTransfer is an online file-transferring platform, which basically means that you send it, we transfer. There’s no hassle. No stress. No charge. We are based in Amsterdam and roam the globe with a dedicated team to build the best service.

No more limits. Drag and drop a file on to the JustBeamIt website, it will create a shareable link instantly. You just need to share the link to someone. They can download it to their computer directly.

Send large files up to 5GB. It’s 100% Free! No registration required.

Send Big Files up to 2,1GB for free. No software to install and no registration requirements.

Send up to 2 GB. Free to get started.
4 GB File Support
5 Sends per Month

Plik is a scalable & friendly temporary file upload system (Wetransfer like) in golang.

Main features
  • Powerful command line client
  • Easy to use web UI
  • Multiple data backend : File, OpenStack Swift, S3, Google Cloud Storage
  • Multiple metadata backend : Sqlite3, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • OneShot : Files are destructed after the first download
  • Stream : Files are streamed from the uploader to the downloader (nothing stored server side)
  • Removable : Give the ability to the uploader to remove files at any time
  • TTL : Custom expiration date
  • Password : Protect upload with login/pasgisword (Auth Basic)
  • Comments : Add custom message (in Markdown format)
  • User authentication : Local / Google / OVH
  • Upload restriction : Source IP / Token
  • Administrator CLI and web UI
  • Server side encryption (with S3 data backend)
  • ShareX Uploader : Directly integrated into ShareX
  • plikSharp : A .NET API client for Plik
  • Filelink for Plik : Thunderbird Addon to upload attachments to Plik

Encrypt and send files in total privacy

Internxt Send allows you to share files fast without worrying about the security of your documents, images, or videos. Select the files you want to encrypt and send by link or email.

Fast and secure file transfer

Warp allows you to securely send files to each other via the internet or local network by exchanging a word-based code.

The best transfer method will be determined using the “Magic Wormhole” protocol which includes local network transfer if possible.


  • Send files between multiple devices
  • Every file transfer is encrypted
  • Directly transfer files on the local network if possible
  • An internet connection is required
  • QR Code support
  • Compatibility with the Magic Wormhole command line client and all other compatible apps