Emails that work

Email is tough. Lots of providers have different formats that the email needs to follow so it shows up correctly to the reader. Gmails format is different from Hotmail which is different than Yahoo. All of these are different from the normal emails written in popular clients like Thunderbird.

These days, your customers have their choice of popular email clients. Your emails could be ending up in Gmail, Yahoo, or inboxes, just to name a few. And all these email clients have different fonts and interfaces, so your email is going to look different if someone is opening it on the Gmail app on their iPhone 6 versus Apple Mail on their iPad pro versus AOL Mail on their iPhone SE. With all these devices and different email clients, how do you make sure your clients can actually read your carefully crafted email campaign? That’s where email compatibility comes in.

So how do we write emails that will show up correctly in all these formats? and what about Android and Apple? PCs, Macs, and others?

To be honest, it’s really difficult. To solve this problem I suggest sending your email out to a professional to have it converted to a compatible format that will reformat your email and insert all the needed codes to make it show up correctly regardless of the type of email client being used.

Send your copy to us in a txt. file, .doc file or .pdf file and we will give you a reasonable quote for coverting it to a compatible format. If you agree, you can pay using Paypal or credit card and you will receive your converted email back and ready for use in a couple of days.

Send your file here for a quote